Food prep!

So I started food prepping this week and it went really well 🙂 I marinated organic drumsticks for the week (3 different kinds so I don’t get bored). Left them to marinade in baggies and when I was ready to cook I would either bake or cook on stove. We usually only eat breast but the drumsticks are so tender and yummy! Also a lot cheaper. About $16 for four packages which made 3 bags of 6-7 drumsticks. This was just right for my family of four 😉

All I had to do was either make some rice/salad or veggies to go with it and boom there you have it – dinner. Prepping is what takes forever. Get that out of the way and the rest is easy! Some people don’t buy drumsticks because of the skinning hassle. Well here’s a trick…use a paper towel as you pull the skin. It makes it less slippery.



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