Happy Nowroz!

Today we celebrated Nowroz which marks the first day of Spring and the New Year on Persian/Afghan calendars.  We had a beautiful evening with family & friends.  My mother-in-law designed a beautiful Haft-Seen (pictured).  Each item on the spread symbolizes well wishes in the area of health, wealth and happiness.

Typically, these 7 items are displayed on the Haft-seen:

  1. Mirror – symbolizing Sky
  2. Apple – symbolizing Earth
  3. Candles – symbolizing Fire
  4. Golab – rose water symbolizing Water
  5. Sabzeh – wheat, or barley sprouts symbolizing Plants
  6. Goldfish – symbolizing Animals
  7. Painted Eggs – symbolizing Humans and Fertility

*From Wikipedia

God willing, I plan to make my own spread next year! It’s so important to maintain traditions 🙂





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