How effective is your skin care routine?

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of beauty products out there…all claiming to make some sort of difference in your skin. Not too long ago I went to a skin care seminar sponsored & co-hosted by Plush Esthetics ( and learned quite a few things. I am always hesitant to attend these seminars because of the pressure to buy their products afterwards, however, this time it was not like that! They really focused on educating the small group on the importance of routine and explained the positive effects of proper skin care.  I walked away with a better understanding on what items I should have in my daily skin care regimen.  I’ll try to explain in my post some of my questions and the things I learned.

I always wondered…are all those steps to cleansing your skin really necessary?!

Well…you can maybe get away with not doing everything, but know that each step has its own role in slowing the process of aging. I learned that there really is no product out there that will completely eliminate your wrinkles (aside from photoshop, lol)…but rather slow down the aging process. This is the reason why we should have a good skin care routine/regimen. The earlier you start & the more consistent you are, the better the results.

Ok so you’re wondering…do you really go through the whole process every night?

The answer…As a mom of two little ones, NO, as much as i’d like to set time aside both in the AM & PM, I have to be honest and tell you that I get lazy and just rather sleep. It’s just like exercising…you need to maintain it regularly. And then….there is this thing called hormones…AHHH hormones. It’s like a little monster that lives inside and likes to pop its head out once a month and ravage your skin lol. Well, If you keep a regular routine you can definitely minimize the breakouts. Eating clean, staying hydrated & a proper skin regimen assist in regulating that little monster we call hormones.

The next issue is $$$…taking care of your skin isn’t cheap!  Although, it’s not cheap…know that you’re skin does not become younger as you get older so maybe you can justify splurging a little.  Below are the items that should be in your routine (ideally):

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator (once/week)
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Serum of choice (depending on the area you want to focus on)
  • Sunblock

Alongside the cleanser I highly recommend purchasing a Clarisonic brush (really gets the skin clean and minimizes pores & wrinkles)

Two items that I have to have at all times are my cleanser & sunblock (even on my lazy days).  After attending the seminar I learned to accept that all the items listed above play a specific & defined role in the whole anti-aging process.  For example on my lazy nights…when I don’t use toner I now realize that it’s kinda like using the dishwasher on the “air dry” setting and getting water spots on the glass.  It has the same effect when you don’t use the toner…it helps get rid of any residual cleanser, dirt and/or makeup.

If you’re looking to try a new line…I highly recommend using Plush Esthetics ( I’ve used all the products from their line and absolutely love it! Mind you, my skin is very sensitive! My favorites from the line are the Defend sunblock and the Awaken cleanser. - Defend - Awaken Cleanser

The Awaken cleanser smells amazing and is non-drying and soap-free. It does not contain any artificial dyes and foams up nicely.  If you’re skin is dry I would look into the Refresh cleanser (keep in mind that this one is milky and does not lather).

The sunblock is really the best I’ve ever tried for my face. It is broad spectrum and is not chemical-based. This sunblock has zinc oxide which acts as a shield from the sun and does not get absorbed in the skin. It is also the only sunblock that I’ve used that really moisturizes because it contains vitamin E & C. Lastly, it does not have the strong sunblock odor…it actually smells pleasant (which is a big plus!!). I like to use this product on my kids too!

If you decide to try their products, enjoy 10% off plus FREE shipping by entering the promo code: lovedelara at checkout 🙂 - blog post on maintaining healthy skin & product recommendations

NOTE: I am not a skin care professional, if you have any specific skin condition consult with a doctor first. I am just sharing my personal experience with these products.


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