Minnie Mouse 3rd Birthday

My daughter turned 3 last week and she really wanted a Minnie Mouse party so Mommy did her best to make that happen!  The party was a huge success and she really enjoyed herself.

I did the classic Minnie theme – Red & Black.  I had a Spanish/Flamenco dancer costume in her size which happened to be red with black polka dots.  I deconstructed the dress and cut the fringes it had hanging from the collar.  I went to Michaels and purchased red with black polka dot felt to cut in the shape of Mickey (found the shape online and used as a stencil) sewed on the dress.  I sewed a white piece of felt behind the red & black polka dot Mickey so that it stands out.  After that I decided to add a little bow that I removed from one of my daughter’s hair clips to make it more girly.

I wanted to make some centerpieces for the tables so I grabbed a few bunches of fake yellow daises that were on clearance for $5 at Michaels…I had no idea what I was going to do with them but grabbed them anyway.  Night before the party I made a pyscho mom Target run and found some red Valentine’s Day boxes and decided I would use them as a base for the centerpieces.  I cut square pieces of floral foam and used a strong double sided tape to tape down the blocks in the middle of the boxes.  I secured the flowers into the floral foam and since the boxes were already cut open at the top it was easy to keep them centered and standing.  I used 1″ white Avery labels for the polka dots and VOILA! Inexpensive centerpieces.

I had Ikea frames with special messages for my guests on each of the tables and by the sign in desk! A friend of mine made a Minnie themed Happy Birthday banner for the wall 🙂 (saved me a lot of time).

I have such a hard time getting Thank You cards out after the party so I decided to get them ahead of time from Tiny Prints with a special message to my guests to take with them along with a goodie bag for their kids.  BOOM – no more after party stress over thank you notes.

I had a chicken wire frame as decor with photos of my cutie from birth till now…I normally use it for her hair bows!

Unfortunately we had a mishap with the cake while transporting but thank God we had a baker friend at the party and helped to fix the cake, thankfully it still looked cute 🙂

The look on her face was priceless!!

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