Carlson’s For Kids – Fish Oil {kid approved}

Do you give your kids vitamins?  I try my best to balance out my kids diet so that they get their vitamins through their food, but it doesn’t always happen.  Fortunately, my kids love salmon so we bake it once a week and we barely have leftovers on those nights! I try to make smoothies with spinach & fruits but it is hit or miss with them.  One day they are totally into the smoothie and one day they could care less.  So in addition to a healthy daily diet I have been giving them a gummie multi-vitamin and fish oil.  The husband searched on Amazon and came across Carlson’s For Kids Fish Oil:

 The reviews were great and everyone who tried it seemed to be very pleased.  It’s tough to get adults (including myself) let alone kids to gulp down fish oil in a liquid form.  This company has done their best to mask the oil with a lemon flavor…it is not completely masked but well enough for my kids to not complain 🙂

If you have a hard time giving it to your child..I would recommend mixing it with something that has a strong flavor like the Odwalla – Strawberry C Monster juice which is super concentrated & sweet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are great for kids & adults.  There are many physical benefits to taking fish oil regularly and I highly recommend a good quality one like Carlson’s which can be found on Amazon.

I read on webMD that it could possibly help children who suffer from ADHD by helping to reduce their hyperactivity.

  • “ADHD. Kids with ADHD may have lower levels of omega-3s in their bodies than normal, and a few small studies have looked at fish oil supplements as a treatment. They found that the supplements might improve behavior, reduce hyperactivity, and boost attention in kids under 12.” (

I give my kids a 1/2 teaspoon every morning and they are usually the ones who remind me to give it to them lol.  Fun fact: one time the bottle shattered all over my kitchen floor and the smell of fish lasted for a long time…I made the mistake of mixing the clothes that had fish oil on them with regular laundry and my entire load permanently smelled like fish.  Word of advice…dispose of your clothes if it ever gets on you lol.


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