Monday Quick Tip

Hi Guys,

Just got done grocery shopping and bought all my meats for the week.  I like to leave out what I plan to cook for the day and freeze the rest so that it remains fresh when I pop it out during the week.  I love to use my Foodsaver when I do this because it vacuum seals the meat and keeps it super fresh.  This saves you extra stops to the grocery store because God knows how tough it can be sometimes making a “quick” stop into the store with two kids.  One quick stop turns into a “I have potty” or ask mommy to buy a million random things you don’t need.

1. Buy meats weekly

2. Separate your meats based on planned meals

3. Freeze meats that are unused and flatten out as best as possible for a quick defrost (especially ground beef).

4. Use a FoodSaver for extra freshness 🙂

If you have the luxury of going on the daily then obviously fresh is best!

P.S. I looked on Amazon and it looks like they have an even sleeker model which shouldn’t take as much space!! How cool 🙂

Happy Monday 🙂 Foodsaver tip -


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