About Moi

cropped-blogheader.jpgFirst & foremost – I love God and put him first before anything, and with my passion for pleasing God comes all my inspiration and love.  My name is Zeba and I was born & raised in the Bay Area, California.  I am a wife & a mom to two beautiful babies & dog.  I put my career in local government on hold to raise my growing family.  So here I am, blogging about my life.

I consider myself an amateur photographer who absolutely loves anything and everything about snapping pics since early childhood. Yes I was the girl who always had a disposable camera on her and would always print doubles or even make an album to share ;).  The minute my first born arrived, I decided to take my love for photography to a more serious level.  I mean who can resist photographing cute kids? I lug my SLR camera to most places I go and learn new skills every day.

So I guess you can call me a mommyblographer. Yes, that’s it. Let’s make it professional.

I am pretty normal & funny, at least I’d like to think. Just a gal that loves to share things I love.


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