My Beliefs

Before you begin reading this portion of my blog, I would like to note that I firmly believe that there is absolutely no compulsion in religion and that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.  I am not here to debate but rather share the happiness & love God has blessed me with through his guidance to the right path – Submission to God alone.


I have always been a “spiritual” person and believed in God.  In November of 2004, I pretty much became clear and certain in God and in what I stand for.  I realized that we MUST worship the Creator and not the creation.  Majority of people do not worship God alone, which is unfortunate.  God alone is our Master & Creator.  We must give all the credit to him.  It is very clear in the scriptures (i.e. Old Testament, New Testament & Quran) that our Lord is God.  Most people have polluted beliefs and feel that it is necessary to uphold other sources beside God.

I always try to remind myself that God is the source of all happiness and that nothing bad comes from God.  Anytime I feel down, I seek refuge in God and pray for him to relieve me from my adversities.  If we are steadfast and observe all of God’s commandments, then there is no reason why we should experience any problems in our lives.  God is so Merciful and gives us countless opportunities to simply repent & reform.  So don’t ever lose hope, because God is always by our side.  It is up to you to make the decision on whether you want to seek the vanities of this life or the hereafter.  If you make time for God, he will reward you manifold.  quote


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